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Conference Associates, Inc. (CAI) and its affiliates understand that privacy is an important issue for visitors to our website at It is the policy of CAI to protect the nonpublic, personally-identifiable information of our customers and to keep this information secure and confidential. The following explanation is provided to help our website visitors understand what information is gathered through our site and how that information is handled and used once it is gathered.

CAI’s website consists of secure areas (Agent Access, Business Partner Access and Employee Access) and public access areas. Secure areas require the correct user-id, and password before a visitor is permitted access. Public access areas, by comparison, are available to any visitor.

Secure Areas

Access to CAI’s secure areas is restricted to CAI’s agents, policyholders, business partners and selected CAI employees. Individuals within these groups are “authorized” after meeting certain identification criteria and are assigned individual user-id’s, and passwords for secure areas access. Nonpublic, personally-identifiable information pertaining to applicants, policyholders, employees of commercial policyholders, beneficiaries and claimants is obtained from and displayed to our authorized users through secure communications via CAI’s secure areas. Such information is obtained and displayed as part of the insurance application, underwriting, claims, administration and/or servicing processes. Authorized users are not permitted access to nonpublic, personally-identifiable information that does not pertain to their applicable account(s). For information on how nonpublic, personally-identifiable information is used, refer to the following notice: PRIVACY STATEMENT

To insure secure communications over the internet for its secure areas, CAI uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology to protect transmitted information from being intercepted while it is in transit over the internet. Access to CAI’s secure areas requires proper authentication through the entry of correct user-id’s, and passwords. The system requires passwords to be changed several times a year. Once confidential information is gathered and stored within CAI’s systems, it is protected by firewalls and other access control systems and processes to keep it secure from unauthorized access.

Public Access Areas

CAI does not collect or display nonpublic, personally-identifiable information through its public access areas. Business name, contact name, address, etc. may be collected so that requested materials can be delivered to the requesting party. The data is encrypted using SSL to protect it during transmission. Some of the collected contact information is stored in a secured database where it is used for reports that assist us in improving this service to our commercial policyholders. This contact information is not provided to anyone outside our company except as necessary to deliver materials as requested.

Website Visitor Data

To help us improve the content and services of our website, CAI gathers data from each site visit. This data allows us to determine how many people visit our website, when they visit, what pages they visit, how long they stay and the website from which they connected to our website. We do not collect nonpublic, personally-identifiable information from visits to our public access areas. For visits to our secure areas, we do collect the visitor’s user-id and information on the services each visitor uses while logged onto our secure areas. This information helps us specifically target improvements to meet our secure areas users’ needs.


Cookies are small text files that a website loads on a visitor’s hard drive or in temporary memory so the website can give the visitor additional functionality. CAI does not use cookies to obtain nonpublic, personally-identifiable information. CAI does not load cookies on a visitor’s hard drive. For some of our website’s services, we will load a cookie containing a session ID into the visitor’s temporary, personal computer memory. The session ID allows us to keep track of visitor’s transactions within a given service so that the correct responses are presented to the visitor’s browser. The cookie goes away when the visitor closes his/her browser. Nonpublic, personally-identifiable information is not involved in this process.


CAI’s website contains hyperlinks (links) to other websites, and other websites may link to this website. Websites that link to and from CAI’s website may have different privacy practices from those of CAI. The privacy practices described in this notice apply solely to this website. Visitors to our website should read the privacy policy statements of the other websites they visit, understanding that those policies do not apply to this website and that CAI’s policy does not apply to other websites.

Internet Privacy Notice Changes

From time to time, CAI may make changes to this notice. Visitors should revisit this notice periodically to learn of any change in our internet privacy policy.

How to Contact Us

If you have questions or concerns regarding this privacy notice, you may use one of the following methods to contact us. Remember to include, to the extent applicable, Company name, your name, address, phone and policy number.

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